Settling into 2018 & looking to streamline & simplify my web based activities, I will be taking a pause from posting here at Vegan for All Seasons & focusing on content at Annika Lundkvist Photography, to include my photography & work with vegan food, products & plant based cuisine. StayRead More →

My family & I will be on House Hunters International later this month! One of the most memorable aspects of the experience for me was actually how accommodating the production crew was to me during filming with lots of vegan snacks & always really delicious, well rounded meals (sometimes off-menu)Read More →

I was relaxing in bed last night reading about the nutritional value of sesame seeds & realized I should be making my own tahini! We usually get store brought tahini but it’s such an easy thing to make on your own & fun as well. I woke up this morningRead More →

Lasagna the next day, after the layers have settled & firmed up.  This lasagna I made yesterday includes a layer of ‘tofu ricotta’ (tofu crumbled & blended with herbs, salt & nutritional yeast) & a layer of ‘lentil grounds’- lentil beans mashed with peas, onions & tomato sauce & topRead More →

We spent Christmas holiday this year on board a Tallink/Silja Line  cruise from Stockholm to Tallinn. This is a peek from my dinner plate(s) at the Julbord (Grand Buffet). I was very happy with the diversity & amount of vegan options at the dinner buffet. Breakfast, unfortunately, was lacking inRead More →

 Today’s Solstice meal was this Soy Seitan with Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Zucchini sautéed with Garlic & Tomatoes on top of a bed of Spinach in Lemon Dressing. Looking forward to a good year ahead with more food photography & cooking. Winter Solstice Tidings from our home to yours.🌲Read More →

Hemp seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds! Been loving developing the seeds section in our pantry, using them in the morning with fruits, nuts & plant based milk & during the day on salads & meals.Read More →

I have always liked tahini but recently my interest in it has reached new levels due to pregnancy cravings & also appreciating just how nutrient rich it is! Tonight I made a homemade lemon tahini garlic dressing (inspiration recipe in post to follow) & generously drizzled it over salad withRead More →

One of my basic cravings this pregnancy has been fresh greens with olive oil, crema balsamico & pumpkin seeds but of course I like to spruce it up for more nutrition & content.  This variation is a recent favorite- including a chickpea pasta, lightly sauteed tomatoes (increasing lycopene availability!) withRead More →

Tofu Caprese! I absolutely adore this quick little scrumptious dish! Great for long time tofu lovers as well as a lovely little taste & introduction for those who are new to tofu & it’s tremendous versatility. This is a super quick & beautiful dish that can be served as aRead More →

Upon my cravings for a cheeseburger one recent evening, my husband made these delicious burgers, using using Ekko Gourmet ‘Solros Burgare’ patties (made from a blend of chickpeas, onion, carrots, sunflower seeds & more) with a melted Mozzarella flavor ‘Green Vie Dairy free delight’ by da Carla. Super delicious! WeRead More →

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to spend time photographing & observing at the “Vegankock Utbildning” at Medborgarskolan (Stockholm), taught by Ulrika Hoffer of Rasmart. It was my first time in an instructional kitchen & I loved focusing my lens on the energy, action & atmosphere of the courseRead More →

My first taste of vegan Helsinki- this delicious sandwich at Kippo, Helsinki. This is their “Johnny Cashew” Sandwich with Cashew Cheese, Cashew dill sauce, relish, bell pepper & basil. Delicious! From what I can glean from some light research online, Helsinki has a rich, diverse & interested vegan & plantRead More →

Whenever I am in the Södermalm neighborhood in Stockholm, I almost routinely need to get my falafel & tahini fix in at Falafelbaren, because their falafel is a crispy, delicious form of incredible & #tahiniislife. The space is welcoming but small & I am almost always with my son in hisRead More →

It’s Thanksgiving & I will admit that I am missing the buzz & preparation of this holiday!  However I know that although we are not preparing a feast this year, even here in Sweden we plan to, in coming years, celebrate this holiday as we usually do- with a beautiful,Read More →

I have been asked this question a few times and it’s definitely a critical one to explore. There is definitely a not so uncommon perspective that vegan diets are really expensive to sustain.  This can be both true and totally false. It depends on how you live and choose toRead More →

Preparing an Autumn Breakfast Hash this morning for my recipe development + food photo partnership with Yi-Pin Soya. When creating dishes, I have especially in mind those who are interested in vegan & plant based cooking but are not used to creating meals without meat, dairy & other animal basedRead More →