Mama Dori Photographed by Rebecca Coursey A native and resident of California, Dori is a certified Nutrition Educator and Food Psychology Coach as well as a full time mother whose professional area of expertise is helping people to transition to a plant based diet and encouraging people to eat more plant basedRead More →

Mama Taylor with Daughter, Husband & 2 Brother in Laws- all vegan!!! Photo provided by Taylor Texas born vegan mama Taylor currently lives in Colorado in a household full of vegan family members including a healthy and vibrant vegan daughter!  A home schooling stay at home mom, Taylor is alsoRead More →

Andrea & family Photo provided by Andrea Canadian Andrea grew up in Saskatchewan and  moved to Hawaii when she was 18. Mama to two young ones, she works for a number of companies as a health ambassador, supporting the vegan message and plant based lifestyle. Her Instagram account @earthyandy isRead More →

Mama Sanita Photo by photographer Rikard Isacsson, provided by Sanita I was excited to read Sanita’s responses to the questions I sent her not only to get some background on her life as a vegan mum but also to get some current observations on veganism in Sweden, a country I have rootsRead More →

Mama Julie & her children Photo provided by Julie I was introduced to Julie online when I wrote to Vegan Cuts asking if they had any vegan parents on their team who I could interview for this series. I’m a big fan of what Vegan Cuts is doing so wasRead More →

Elodie & Family Photo provided by Elodie For many people who have been long time vegans (or even short term but very committed and passionate vegans) and who may have a very supportive network of vegan and vegan friendly people, it’s easy to forget that many families, communities and societiesRead More →

Mama Jessica & daughter Erika Photo provided by Jessica I first saw the adorable and beautiful duo that is Jessia and her daughter Erika in Issue Two of The Lush Scoop (the ‘woman’ issue of the Australian based magazine of cruelty free culture).  Later, while scrolling through Instagram and enjoying theRead More →

INTERVIEWS  PRINT WEB Click on photos to go to interviews                                           Kat, Dallas, Texas USA  Sharna Melbourne, Australia  Rain, Waukegan, Illinois USA Stay tuned for more interviews! About the Interview SeriesRead More →