Had a go at making beer battered tofu tacos for the first time today! For the batter I simply used a blend of flour, cornstarch & herb salt. I enjoyed the results but admit that I am looking to crunch up this dish with an even more golden, crispy batter,Read More →

Around early afternoon today I started having a cravings for layers of tomato & finely sliced tofu (Extra Firm by Yi-Pin Soya), generously drizzled with olive oil & crema balsamico, sprinkles of herb salt & garnished with basil. By evening- mission accomplished! Not only a delicious dish but a beautifulRead More →

Soup season is near!  This Tomato Turmeric Soup recipe I shared with Vegan Society is so simple to whip up and very delicious. https://www.vegansociety.com/resources/recipes/soup/tomato-turmeric-soup I love the simplicity of this soup. I make it at the beginning of autumn and use fresh parsley from the garden. It’s very rich andRead More →

I’m obsessed with tomatoes & I don’t care who knows. I really love tomatoes- raw, sautéed, pureed, cold, hot, sliced, chopped, diced, as soup, as salsa…on it goes. I love working with & eating tomatoes. I’ve been increasingly captivated with researching umami this year as well, coming across fascinating pieces likeRead More →