My family & I will be on House Hunters International later this month! One of the most memorable aspects of the experience for me was actually how accommodating the production crew was to me during filming with lots of vegan snacks & always really delicious, well rounded meals (sometimes off-menu)Read More →

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to spend time photographing & observing at the “Vegankock Utbildning” at Medborgarskolan (Stockholm), taught by Ulrika Hoffer of Rasmart. It was my first time in an instructional kitchen & I loved focusing my lens on the energy, action & atmosphere of the courseRead More →

Whenever I am in the Södermalm neighborhood in Stockholm, I almost routinely need to get my falafel & tahini fix in at Falafelbaren, because their falafel is a crispy, delicious form of incredible & #tahiniislife. The space is welcoming but small & I am almost always with my son in hisRead More →

Enjoyed a fantastic time at Vegovision last weekend. The event was organized by Djurens Rätt and held at  Münchenbryggeriet and was impressive in that it was teeming with attendees but also maintained a very relaxed, intimate and welcoming vibe. I only spent a few hours there so my range ofRead More →

I had a wonderful time at Vegovision last weekend. Beautifully organized by Djurens Rätt and held at the historic & atmospheric Münchenbryggeriet, it was fantastic to experience so many people in a space and event committed to raising awareness about veganism. Post with more photos soon!Read More →

Last month my family & I spent 5 days in production as cast for a tv show- one of our favorites!  For one segment we staged a food photography segment to capture me in action.  More at this link and for updates on episode air time visit this post here.Read More →

Last week my family & I did filming for a show & lunched with production each day at restaurants around Stockholm city & region. Some places we dined had no vegan option on the menu, but I was very impressed with the creative & nutritious dishes the chefs come upRead More →

1st time visit to The Plant: Food that Works I was hooked on The Plant: Food that Works food from the first time I visited. Their burger (not pictured yet!) immediately went to my list of top favorite vegan burgers! Piston Peas- Yellow Pea Pancakes with Chili Mayo & SaladRead More →

Sometimes (especially when we are on the move) I go to establishments that do not appear vegan friendly AT ALL from the menu. Sometimes, like today, I am truly excited by how adaptable & accommodating the kitchen is. At Broms in Östermalm this afternoon they were able to turn a bibimbapRead More →