Editor of Zurich based Vlowers magazine, Sandra.  Our first interview was all about Vlowers, so I was looking forward to this interview and the opportunity to get to know more about Sandra, her location and lifestyle! Annika: What are some of your favorite aspects about Zurich? Sandra: It’s quite anRead More →

My first interview with Wayne Furlong , an educational consultant from Melbourne, Australia, was about GoVeg, the magazine he is English editor of.  Wayne resides in Hong Kong and it was great to catch up and learn a bit more about his life.  A special essay that he recently wroteRead More →

I first interviewed Design and Content Editor Cara Livermore about the background and mission of Chickpea Magazine.  Now for a bit of dialogue about her lifestyle and design and print loves! You can also see more of Cara’s work at sewindie.com. Annika: Are you originally from Rochester?   Cara: I’mRead More →

My first interview with Ryan Patey,  Editor & Co-Founder of T.O.F.U. Magazine, focused on the magazine’s history and mission. Now time to focus on his travel and movement rich background and life!   Annika: Where are you originally from in Canada? Ryan: I always find this to be a bit of a trickyRead More →

A moment with Mattias Kristiansson, Editor in Chief of Stockholm based Matmagasinet Vego Annika: Have you lived in any other cities besides Stockholm? Mattias: Just Malmö, where I grew up. Annika: Where in Scandinavia do you most enjoy traveling to and why? Mattias: Copenhagen. It’s an exiting city with lots of greatRead More →

 I first had the opportunity to interview Emma Letessier,  editor of Barefoot Vegan Magazine, earlier this year for the 1st part in this interview series with editors of vegan magazines. Since then, she and her husband have moved to a six hectare (approx. 14 acres) farm just south of Pau, at the foot ofRead More →