24 Hours in New Paltz Visit to vegan active retreat Hungry Ghost Guesthouse and exploration of the town’s vegan eats and treats Photos & Text by Annika Lundkvist This article  appeared in the January/February 2017 issue of Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine Read article in full here http://annikalundkvistphotography.com/2017/05/24-hours-in-new-paltz/  Read More →

Quintessence NYC – the birthplace of Chia Seed Pudding! A little over a year ago I visited Quintessence in NYC.  I was excited to have a moment at this established East Village vegan cafe,  meet co-founder Mun and have the opportunity to take a few photos. I asked for Mun’s recommendation on whatRead More →

Passed through NYC en route home from DC last week and took a moment to visit the iconic Candle 79, enjoying these Tamarind BBQ Seitan Skewers with corn salad and chipotle aioli. I also ordered (packed up to go) their Double Cheeseburger for the first time & later enjoyed, handingRead More →

On a recent visit to New Paltz to explore the areas vegan eats and treats I was delighted to visit Lagusta’s Luscious.  I had previously ordered Lagusta’s chocolates by mail as well as bought them at Bryant Park’s Christmas Market in NYC, so I was looking forward to experiencing the placeRead More →

We ended a recent visit to New Paltz, NY at the Mountain Brauhaus Restaurant where I swooned over their incredible vegan entrée. I had looked at the menu prior to visiting and was very curious about the dish.  I know I love a dish when I am daydreaming about it beforeRead More →

Our first stop on a recent visit to New Paltz to explore the area’s vegan eats and treats was Karma Road, a delicious 100% vegan cafe right on bright and busy Main Street.  I fielded a few questions to Jenn & Seth, the owners of Karma Road, for an articleRead More →

I loved Jivamuktea Cafe from my very 1st visit & meal there earlier this year, so it was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to photograph several of their dishes and interview head chef and manager Michael Knight. Now out in the May/June issue of Vegan Health & Fitness magazine!Read More →

Food Photography at Jivamuktea Cafe In January & February 2016 I had the pleasure of photographing several dishes at Jivamuktea Cafe in NYC.  I really fell for the spacious & relaxed vibe at this all vegan cafe as well as their delicious dishes!  My Q & A with head chefRead More →

My article on Manhattan based Korean, vegan Hangawi Restaurant, including an interview with owner Terri Choi & photos I took of some of their dishes appears in the March/April 2016 issue of Vegan Health & Fitness magazine! See more of the photos of their food here. Innovative Korean Vegan CuisineRead More →

My photography at Peacefood Cafe’s downtown location in NYC near Union Square along with an article written after a Q & A with Peter Lu appears in the January/February 2016 issue of Vegan Health & Fitness magazine. I love the menu & atmosphere at both Peacefood Cafe’s uptown (Amsterdam Ave.) & downtownRead More →