Upon my cravings for a cheeseburger one recent evening, my husband made these delicious burgers, using using Ekko Gourmet ‘Solros Burgare’ patties (made from a blend of chickpeas, onion, carrots, sunflower seeds & more) with a melted Mozzarella flavor ‘Green Vie Dairy free delight’ by da Carla. Super delicious! WeRead More →

My son and I woke up this fine Sunday morning to my husband in the kitchen whipping these biscuits up!  He’s been working from a few established recipes but tweaking ingredients to get the fluffiness & flakiness he wants. All the tweaking & modification is paying off- these are scrumptious!Read More →

There’s an Indian grocery store at the end of our leafy, beautiful block and shortly after we moved in and took our first walk around the store my husband and I were excited about getting more familiar with Indian ingredients and cooking. On this gorgeous blue skied, crisp golden FridayRead More →

I used to consume animal derived cheeses a lot before, but really don’t miss it now.It’s bizarre to me how we humans “rely” on other animal mothers so much for their milk to create this endless supply of dairy products. It’s also very sad, considering that those mothers often never even haveRead More →

#mikeinthekitchen baking! I got a text yesterday from my husband with a link to a recipe and a short list of ingredients he needed to make it.  Vegan chocolate chip cookies you say?  I’m on board! This Best Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever recipe by Vegan Housewives is most definitelyRead More →

This is a vegan site so it seems redundant to call this “vegan” Shepherd’s Pie, but I just can’t help myself!  I love presenting veganised versions of recipes that are often traditionally based on animal derived ingredients and sharing how a fully plant based version can not only be doneRead More →

My husband made this yesterday morning and I was so fixated on eating it that I didn’t even snap a photo.  It was delicious (and beautifully plated) so I asked for a re-do and he happily obliged. As I ate it he recounted for me when he first tasted anRead More →

Since I’ve become vegan, my husband has become pretty savvy at making plant based versions of all sorts of dishes.  We both love time in the kitchen so I recently suggested that we spend even more time on kitchen and recipe adventures together and especially me documenting dishes he makesRead More →

Earlier this past week I was at the Swedish Consulate in New York City and picked up The Swedish Kitchen by Liselotte Forslin, published by Svenska Institutet. As I settled in for a relaxing evening with my family yesterday I thumbed through the pages and had to take a greatRead More →

It might just look like a plate of half eaten food on the right but this is one of the most delicious plates of French Toast I’ve ever had. I was jaw dropped when I tasted it, yelling my happy surprise to my husband in the kitchen. He used sourdoughRead More →

I tagged this post #annikinthekitchen but this delicious snack is actually my husband’s creation.  When I went vegan in early Autumn 2014 we were living in Manoa Valley on Oahu.  My husband wasn’t very surprised by my transition to veganism but naturally it took an adjustment period.  Within weeks heRead More →