“…there are plenty of amazing people talking about intersectional issues in various ways, both within and outside of the vegan community, but my hope is that T.O.F.U. can showcase their voices and concerns in a way that appeals to people who wouldn’t normally pick-up a zine, attend a rally, orRead More →

Q & A with Kathy Divine Editor  at Australian Vegans Journal http://www.australianvegans.com.au/ “The aim of Australian Vegans Journal is to encourage, inspire and nurture vegan leadership across all sectors, industries and spaces where influence and impact can be found: in politics, business, non-profits, social media, community organisations and in everyday life.”Read More →

I was a magazine lover long before I was a vegan. But something interesting happened after I set off on the path of the latter. As a reader, I am a devoted consumer to this niche of media.  I have a strong, long standing and unbridled enthusiasm for a goodRead More →

Q & A with Sandra Weber Founder & Chief Editor of Vlowers Magazin http://vlowers.ch/ Vlowers covers are designed by graphic designer & vegan Carolina Flores “Veganism is growing in Switzerland in every area, more vegan restaurants and vegan offers in non-vegan restaurants, more articles in the media, more and moreRead More →

Q & A with Amina Abdulkadir Editor in Chief at BLAUFUX http://blaufux.ch/ “BLAUFUX is a culture magazine informing, on the one hand, people who know nothing or little about veganism, about what it means, what it stands for and what they can learn of it and offering and on the other hand,Read More →

Q & A with Antonio Monaco Publisher of Vegan Italy www.veganitaly.it “We are the most influential and complete vegan magazine in Italy. Our publishing house is Edizioni Sonda, which is the landmark publisher of the Italian vegan community and animal world. We have published over 100 books about this topics alone.”Read More →

Q & A with Cara Livermore Design & Content Editor of Chickpea Magazine http://chickpeamagazine.com/ “We’re hoping to figure out the biggest gripes people have with going vegan and staying vegan and living life as a vegan, in a longer format than most magazines – not even like a magazine, moreRead More →

Q & A with Mattias Kristiansson Founder and Editor in Chief of Matmagasinet Vego http://www.vegomagasinet.se/ “This was the first vegetarian/vegan food magazine in Sweden and I think we had a really good timing. We definitely see a lot more vegetarian and vegan food in almost every food magazine on theRead More →

Q & A with Martin Gibert Editor in Chief of  Versus magazine végane “I define the DNA of Versus as a general, open and engaged vegan magazine. As we are the only one in French, we try to cover all vegan topics and to reach all kinds of vegan (andRead More →

Q & A with Elena Orde Editor of The Vegan https://www.vegansociety.com/resources/publications-and-video/vegan-magazine “Our recent member survey showed that, while most people still go vegan for the animals, other concerns (primarily health and the environment) are also becoming more important to our members. In light of this, it is important to provideRead More →

Q & A with Rachel Smith Digital Assistant at Vegan Food & Living “We believe that in the UK there are currently no other publications offering such an extensive range of vegan recipes, and we are keen to establish ourselves as a valuable source of delicious, simple recipes for vegans,Read More →

Q & A with Brenda Carey Founder & Editor in Chief of Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine http://www.veganhealthandfitnessmag.com/ “Having our print magazine on newsstands is very important outreach for the vegan message because we are the only one showing the world how fit vegans can be. It is the healthiestRead More →

Q & A with Emma Letessier Editor of Barefoot Vegan Magazine www.barefootvegan.com “Every vegan publication is doing great work to support the vegan movement. I know that not all vegans are interested in spirituality – some people think it’s a lot of rubbish; however, interest in both veganism and spiritualityRead More →

Q & A with Maria Chiorando Editor of Vegan Life Magazine http://veganlifemag.co.uk/ “..veganism is going through such an interesting period in terms of how it’s perceived by the public at large.  It’s certainly hitting the mainstream.  And it is multi-faceted, so thematically, there are many interesting people to profile, asRead More →

Q & A with Timur Coskun Editor of Welt Vegan Magazin” http://www.welt-vegan-magazin.de/ “…we are optimistic that the interest for veganism will rise constantly. We are more and more increasing our digital presence and see increasing demand for informational exchange in that field. Veganism does not only approach a niche ofRead More →

Q & A with San Davis Publisher & Founder of Vegan Lifestyle Magazine http://www.veganlifestylemagazine.com/ “A lot of our readers are activists, business people, etc. They are busy and don’t have the time to spend on the internet so we give them everything they want. They catch up with everything onceRead More →

Q & A with Wayne Furlong English editor at GoVeg Magazine “We emphasise stories of people who are doing good things locally as well as overseas. We find these stories of ordinary people often tackle the common questions people have when considering a vegan diet, such as, “Will it affect myRead More →