The delectable & creamy Prinsesstårta is a mainstay of my childhood summer travel memories.  By at least the 2nd day of our June or July visits to southern Sweden I’d have had my first piece of this royally famous Swedish classic. I grew up enjoying a range of Swedish ingredients andRead More →

Milk & cookies anyone? 🙂   Working on an #AskAnnika blog post about busting myths about vegans & veganism. A big one is that vegan food is bland & boring. Psh! That is one silly myth!   Hampton Creek ‘Just Cookie Dough’ & a glass of Califia Farms Almond MilkRead More →

Ahh, Apple Crisps & Crumbles. Autumn is here and I love it. First, I had 10 apples I wanted to incorporate into this crumble and ended up mixing and matching from a few different recipes. I was happy with the result which my husband and I tried immediately à la mode withRead More →