My first taste of vegan Helsinki- this delicious sandwich at Kippo, Helsinki. This is their “Johnny Cashew” Sandwich with Cashew Cheese, Cashew dill sauce, relish, bell pepper & basil. Delicious! From what I can glean from some light research online, Helsinki has a rich, diverse & interested vegan & plantRead More →

I used to consume animal derived cheeses a lot before, but really don’t miss it now.It’s bizarre to me how we humans “rely” on other animal mothers so much for their milk to create this endless supply of dairy products. It’s also very sad, considering that those mothers often never even haveRead More →

Cheese & veggie platter feast with husband tonight! ❤ My gig at Divine Treasures yesterday was photographing their chocolates but of course I bought some of their amazing vegan cheese home & was excited to set this up. Their cheeses are made from a cashew & coconut base with variousRead More →

Afternoon delight!  We bought these chocolates & cheeses from Vegan Chocolatier & cheese shop Divine Treasures LLC. The round container is the ‘Chèvre-esque’ cheeses & includes ingredients such as cashews, coconut oil, onion granules & sea salt. So very light & fresh- one of the best cheeses I have had in myRead More →