I absolutely love cooking for the holidays & especially creating gorgeous plant based spreads with familiar flavors from the festive season. But this Thanksgiving I was in the mood to create something a bit different from the traditional spread – veggie cashew stir fry, jasmine rice & a delicious peanut sauce!Read More →

On a visit to Providence in early June 2016 I devoted about two days to exploring some of the city’s vegan eats.  As an all vegan Asian restaurant, Veggie Fun was a must visit for me.  Opened in 2011, this establishment was originally not completely vegan, but made that change inRead More →

My article on Manhattan based Korean, vegan Hangawi Restaurant, including an interview with owner Terri Choi & photos I took of some of their dishes appears in the March/April 2016 issue of Vegan Health & Fitness magazine! See more of the photos of their food here. Innovative Korean Vegan CuisineRead More →