Ahh, Apple Crisps & Crumbles. Autumn is here and I love it. First, I had 10 apples I wanted to incorporate into this crumble and ended up mixing and matching from a few different recipes. I was happy with the result which my husband and I tried immediately à la mode withRead More →

With plans in the mix to make Aquafaba whipped cream soon I thought about what to do with the can of garbanzo beans I would drain.  I made a great big batch of hummus last week from home soaked beans and forgot to drain the juice, hence needing to open aRead More →

It might look a little messy to eat but A) it holds together, B) it’s delicious & C) it’s vegan!!! Happy World Vegetarian Day! Celebrating by making burgers with Field Roast Grain Meat ‘Hand Formed Field Burger’ (made with Barley, Fresh Carrots & Celery) as well as their Chao Cheese-Read More →

Soup season is near!  This Tomato Turmeric Soup recipe I shared with Vegan Society is so simple to whip up and very delicious. https://www.vegansociety.com/resources/recipes/soup/tomato-turmeric-soup I love the simplicity of this soup. I make it at the beginning of autumn and use fresh parsley from the garden. It’s very rich andRead More →

I bought this local, organic garlic at the Farmer’s Market yesterday and was very excited to work with it for Friday Feast today. Each bulb has about 4-5 succulent, huge crisp cloves.  I peeled them yesterday and kept going back to the bowl just to get a whiff of thatRead More →

I always enjoy making food that will satisfy fellow vegan friends. As a kitchen activist I also quietly thrill at the prospect of consistently impressing and wooing my meat eating family members, friends & acquaintances with plant based meals & spreads that even they’re surprised they like so much, returningRead More →

I’m obsessed with tomatoes & I don’t care who knows. I really love tomatoes- raw, sautéed, pureed, cold, hot, sliced, chopped, diced, as soup, as salsa…on it goes. I love working with & eating tomatoes. I’ve been increasingly captivated with researching umami this year as well, coming across fascinating pieces likeRead More →

   Above: Taco with BBQ tofu filling, red leaf lettuce & homemade salsa on a warmed corn tortilla Friday Feast is a concept that has been on my mind for years. When you hear me describe it you may think, well that sounds just like a family dinner.  It is,Read More →

Cheese & veggie platter feast with husband tonight! ❤ My gig at Divine Treasures yesterday was photographing their chocolates but of course I bought some of their amazing vegan cheese home & was excited to set this up. Their cheeses are made from a cashew & coconut base with variousRead More →

Vegan Club Sandwich! I might need some practice with construction, but it’s delicious! Cuts of Tofu lightly crisped in Sesame Oil, Romaine Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Italian Dill Spears, Basil & Hampton Creek ‘Just Mayo’ layered in toasted Sourdough Bread. Bon Appétit!Read More →

  Homemade Vegan Benedicts for the 1st time! English Muffin topped with sautéed Spinach, Tomatoes, vegan Hollandaise sauce, Tempeh Bacon & a sprinkling of Tarragon.Read More →