Originally from Nebraska, Saij currently lives in the Knoxville area of Tennessee and is an Executive Assistant at a local college as well as a Zen Buddhist Priest and spreads the message of veganism throgh both roles.  Saijology.com Instagram: SaijMW “At my work I held a week-long seminar on whatRead More →

My son and I woke up this fine Sunday morning to my husband in the kitchen whipping these biscuits up!  He’s been working from a few established recipes but tweaking ingredients to get the fluffiness & flakiness he wants. All the tweaking & modification is paying off- these are scrumptious!Read More →

  Originally from Lima, Peru, Maritza Oliver is a Vancouver, British Columbia based artist, animal liberationist, children’s book author and illustrator! She recently published a new book A Pig is a Dog is a Kid.  Vist her online at: Website: www.veganchildrenbooks.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/veganchildrenbooks Instagram: @veganchildrenbooks Twitter: @veganchildren Annika: Would youRead More →

Cooking is love in our house. When my husband and I get in the kitchen and start planning meals and recipes, preparing ingredients and busying ourselves from sink to pantry to stove to prep table, you can feel the vibes, the unison, the joy we have not only for cookingRead More →

Editor of Zurich based Vlowers magazine, Sandra.  Our first interview was all about Vlowers, so I was looking forward to this interview and the opportunity to get to know more about Sandra, her location and lifestyle! Annika: What are some of your favorite aspects about Zurich? Sandra: It’s quite anRead More →

I was breastfeeding when I began learning more about the dairy industry. I have to confess, I spent about 37 years of my life eating cheeses, creams, butter, ice cream & other products made from animal milk without really thinking about the fact that a mother’s milk was essential forRead More →

My first interview with Wayne Furlong , an educational consultant from Melbourne, Australia, was about GoVeg, the magazine he is English editor of.  Wayne resides in Hong Kong and it was great to catch up and learn a bit more about his life.  A special essay that he recently wroteRead More →

I absolutely love cooking for the holidays & especially creating gorgeous plant based spreads with familiar flavors from the festive season. But this Thanksgiving I was in the mood to create something a bit different from the traditional spread – veggie cashew stir fry, jasmine rice & a delicious peanut sauce!Read More →

Q & A with Lateefah, founder/owner of The Veggie Connection who spends her time bi-coastally between Georgia and California  Annika: What is the The Veggie Connection and what inspired you to establish it? Lateefah: The Veggie Connection is a network event where attendees are exposed to a host of vegetarian/vegan vendors, speakers,Read More →

Flashback to Christmas Dinner 2014! I loved preparing this spread! Macadamia Nut, Basil & Olive Oil Spread Arugula with Grape Tomatoes, Grapeseed Oil & Sea Salt Grilled Asparagus Minnesota Wild Rice with American Parsley & Shallots Steamed Brussel Sprouts drizzled with Hazelnut Oil Gardein Holiday Roast with Cranberry, Kale &Read More →

I first interviewed Design and Content Editor Cara Livermore about the background and mission of Chickpea Magazine.  Now for a bit of dialogue about her lifestyle and design and print loves! You can also see more of Cara’s work at sewindie.com. Annika: Are you originally from Rochester?   Cara: I’mRead More →

My first interview with Ryan Patey,  Editor & Co-Founder of T.O.F.U. Magazine, focused on the magazine’s history and mission. Now time to focus on his travel and movement rich background and life!   Annika: Where are you originally from in Canada? Ryan: I always find this to be a bit of a trickyRead More →

A moment with Mattias Kristiansson, Editor in Chief of Stockholm based Matmagasinet Vego Annika: Have you lived in any other cities besides Stockholm? Mattias: Just Malmö, where I grew up. Annika: Where in Scandinavia do you most enjoy traveling to and why? Mattias: Copenhagen. It’s an exiting city with lots of greatRead More →

Ask Annika How do you cook with tofu? I have been cooking with tofu for so long that I forget that for many people it is a novel ingredient. I love cooking with tofu.  You can bake it, scramble it,  stir fry it, deep fry it, grill it, sautée it.  YouRead More →

Ask Annika What do vegans drink? First off, this question was with regards to alcoholic drinks so read on if you’re curious! Last night we had over a couple of new friends.  It was a delightful evening that began with one of them walking in handing me a bottle ofRead More →

Interview & photos with vegan family Chrissy, Kahseim & Atlas in Nov/2016 issue of Vegan Health & Fitness magazine! Thank you Outlaw Family!!! Food by Chrissy: Black Bean & Sweet Potato Salad + Cilantro & Avocado Salad    Meet the Vegan Parents series Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine November/December 2016M Chrissy, KahseimRead More →

Holiday sampler! I love cooking dishes with different holiday favorites leading up to the festive season so I know what recipes I want to make for the feast. This holiday sampler included cranberry jelly, slices of gardein Holiday roast (with kale, cranberry & wild rice) and farro with onions, parsleyRead More →

2016 was the year I fell in love with Farro! This grain has a nutty flavor and texture already but I decided to add some pecans to it after simmering with vegan butter, parsley and onions. Creamy Farro deliciousness!  Read More →

I love Benedicts- it’s easily a favorite for Sunday brunch. Creating variations of a vegan Benedict has been a passion project this year. I’m working on making this one of my signature dishes! For this weekend’s Benedict, I used silken tofu for the Hollandaise sauce, as I usually do. ButRead More →