Hemp seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds! Been loving developing the seeds section in our pantry, using them in the morning with fruits, nuts & plant based milk & during the day on salads & meals.Read More →

Ask Annika How do you cook with tofu? I have been cooking with tofu for so long that I forget that for many people it is a novel ingredient. I love cooking with tofu.  You can bake it, scramble it,  stir fry it, deep fry it, grill it, sautée it.  YouRead More →

I took a little bit of extra time in the household cleaning aisle while at the grocery store today and as I checked out various bottles and brands was truly impressed by how many were specifically noted as “plant based” or “plant derived” and also had the leaping bunny symbolRead More →

Upon my husband’s great recent suggestion to write a blog post about vegan cooking and tips, I decide to create a whole section on my blog about tips, aiming to cover lots of topics- starting with grocery shopping. I’m not going to get into the nutritional information for all of theseRead More →