“Eat Portland: Annika Lundkvist dips her toes in Portland’s booming vegan scene” September 2015 issue of Vegan Life Magazine This is a piece I wrote & photographed in Spring 2014 while on a brief visit to the Pacific Northwest (in the middle of a move from Hawai’i to the USRead More →

My piece on vegan eating on & exploration of the island of Hawai’i (a.k.a. the Big Island)  in the March/April issue of UK publication Vegan Life. The Big Island is one of my favorite regions in the state of Hawai’i.  I love the great big expanses and diversity of climateRead More →

Leilani Farm Sanctuary: Annika Lundkvist meets President & Founder Laurelee Blanchard Q & A + photos July/August 2015 issue of Vegan Life Magazine On a visit to Maui in early Spring 2015 I visited Leilani Farm Sanctuary to take their tour, meet Laurelee & photograph some of the animals atRead More →

Read my interview at ‘My Vegan Directory here http://myvegandirectory.com/annika-lundkvist-from-annika-lundkvist-photography/ Listing for Annika Lundkvist Photography at ‘My Vegan Directory’: http://myvegandirectory.com/listing/annika-lundkvist-photography/Read More →