I tagged this post #annikinthekitchen but this delicious snack is actually my husband’s creation.  When I went vegan in early Autumn 2014 we were living in Manoa Valley on Oahu.  My husband wasn’t very surprised by my transition to veganism but naturally it took an adjustment period.  Within weeks heRead More →

Cheese & veggie platter feast with husband tonight! ❤ My gig at Divine Treasures yesterday was photographing their chocolates but of course I bought some of their amazing vegan cheese home & was excited to set this up. Their cheeses are made from a cashew & coconut base with variousRead More →

Vegan Club Sandwich! I might need some practice with construction, but it’s delicious! Cuts of Tofu lightly crisped in Sesame Oil, Romaine Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Italian Dill Spears, Basil & Hampton Creek ‘Just Mayo’ layered in toasted Sourdough Bread. Bon Appétit!Read More →

  Homemade Vegan Benedicts for the 1st time! English Muffin topped with sautéed Spinach, Tomatoes, vegan Hollandaise sauce, Tempeh Bacon & a sprinkling of Tarragon.Read More →

When it comes to leftovers, I personally suspect there are two kinds of people- those who like them & those who don’t. I am of the former. Today I put together leftovers from two dishes I made the past couple of days & the result elevated the two into oneRead More →

I started making Butternut Squash Purée this year & simply love it.  I bake the Butternut Squash until it is very soft (~45 minutes) & then remove from oven, de-seed it & scoop out the squash. I blend it with vegan butter (2-3 spoonfuls, depending on how creamy you wantRead More →

My first Vegan Thanksgiving! 2014 Manoa Valley, Oahu •Gardein Holiday Roast •Vegan Shepherds Pie (Recipe: Minimalist Baker) •Portobello mushrooms stuffed with Minnesota wild rice, shallots, & tomatoes & topped with crispy sage •Cranberry Jelly •Tomatoes & parsley with olive oil & sea saltRead More →

Rödbetssallad is one of my favorite things to prepare & eat. It’s delicious & also carries,  for me,  memories of childhood Summer visits to Southern Sweden when this creamy salad was always part of the breakfast spread.  It is traditionally a vegetarian dish but so easy to make vegan. IRead More →