I have been asked this question a few times and it’s definitely a critical one to explore. There is definitely a not so uncommon perspective that vegan diets are really expensive to sustain.  This can be both true and totally false. It depends on how you live and choose toRead More →

Ask Annika How do you cook with tofu? I have been cooking with tofu for so long that I forget that for many people it is a novel ingredient. I love cooking with tofu.  You can bake it, scramble it,  stir fry it, deep fry it, grill it, sautée it.  YouRead More →

Ask Annika What do vegans drink? First off, this question was with regards to alcoholic drinks so read on if you’re curious! Last night we had over a couple of new friends.  It was a delightful evening that began with one of them walking in handing me a bottle ofRead More →

Ask Annika!  How do you address B12? This is probably the shortest response to an Ask Annika question that I will ever write. How do I address B12?  Supplements! I like what this piece lays out in terms of general nutrition and specifically B12.  I regularly consume a number ofRead More →

Ask Annika!  Great source for planning a vegan wedding menu? I recently decided to set up a section on my blog (Ask Annika) that would serve as a space to field questions  about veganism and plant based eating. I look forward to exploring people’s questions, concerns and thoughts and doingRead More →

Curious about veganism? Have a question about some aspect of vegan viewpoints, lifestyle or questions about plant based cooking? I am establishing an “Ask Annika” section on my blog as a space to welcome questions on to transitioning to vegan lifestyle and plant based cooking! Not only am I chatty and love theRead More →