Tofu Caprese

Tofu Caprese

Tofu Caprese!

I absolutely adore this quick little scrumptious dish! Great for long time tofu lovers as well as a lovely little taste & introduction for those who are new to tofu & it’s tremendous versatility. This is a super quick & beautiful dish that can be served as a light meal or fun appetizer at dinner!

In collaboration with Yi-Pin Soya, I provided them with this recipe & accompanying photos as well.  View here at their website in Swedish.


1 block (400 g) firm super firm tofu
1 -2 tomatoes
Olive Oil
Crema Balsamico
Herb Salt
Optional: Herb salt & a few leaves of basil or herb of choice

-Slice tofu (1 block = approximately 8 slices)
-Slice tomatoes
-Layer tomatoes & tofu slices
-Generously pour the olive oil & crema balsamico over the tofu & tomato towers. Here is where you can get especially decorative for attractive plating effect.

Optional: Sprinkle herb salt over dish & top with a few leaves of basil of herb of choice.

Serve & Enjoy!


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