Falafelbaren ❤

Falafelbaren ❤

Whenever I am in the Södermalm neighborhood in Stockholm, I almost routinely need to get my falafel & tahini fix in at Falafelbaren, because their falafel is a crispy, delicious form of incredible & #tahiniislife.

The space is welcoming but small & I am almost always with my son in his stroller, so I’ll typically post up on the bench outside if the tables inside are full (during lunch they almost always will be but towards mid afternoon there is greater chance of being able to get a place inside to sit) or just be prepared to take my “Falafel rulle” walking with me through the city.

There are many vegan options at Falafelbaren.  It is truly some of the best falafel I have had in my life & during this pregnancy has been a regular on my cravings list. Thank you for making such incredible falafel Falafelbaren!

I invariably order the Falafel Salad (above) or Falafel Rulle (below)

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