Creamy Chanterelle Sauce

Creamy Chanterelle Sauce

Mmm, Chanterelle Sauce.  I remember years ago when I lived in Stockholm for the first time & became accustomed to seeing these golden treats which I would select for special Friday night meals at the end of busy weeks.  I love treating Chanterelles as the star of a meal which is exactly what I did last night, opting for a creamy sauce.

Although I have been gearing up to do more R & D in the kitchen with recipe development, I still go with a very unmeasured flow sometimes – as was the case last night.  Please use this post as inspiration if you make this meal.  I myself was inspired by a variety of chantarelle sauces online & just relaxed into making my own vegan version, tasting along the way.  As I get more into recipe development I definitely plan to revisit this & similar dishes & present a full recipe as creamy, rich savory veggie sauces on pasta are among my favorite dishes.


Chanterelle mushrooms



Vegan Butter

Vegan Cream*- here in Sweden they have some great vegan cooking cream options ( ‘matlagningsgrädde‘).  Finding your preferred vegan cooking cream might take a moment but when found (or created) be very rewarding as you can continue using that for sauces, soups etc.

Vegetable broth

Pasta (*ensure it is egg free)



Cherry Tomatoes


Crema Balsamico

Olive Oil

Herb Salt



-Begin by sautéeing the shallots & garlic in vegan butter.  Add in the mushrooms.

-As the sauté is progressing, prepare the vegetable broth.

-When ready, gradually add the vegan cooking cream & broth to the sauté as well as seasoning to additional taste (I used herb salt for this dish).

-When ready top onto pasta.  The pasta I use is nearly always durum wheat based (no eggs).



-Fill lettuce cups with a blend of diced cherry tomatoes, walnuts & shallots (just a bit) mixed in Crema Balsamico & Olive oil (season to taste- I used a sprinkle of herb salt here as well).





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