Vegan Mama Jessica, Sydney

Vegan Mama Jessica, Sydney

This interview appears in the April 207 issue of Vegan Italy magazine

I was excited and grateful to havethe opportunity to interview Sydney, Australia native Jessica, a fellow photographer and beautiful vegan mother. Jessica lives in her hometown with her husband and daughter, working as a fine art photographer and doing the social media for her brother’s vegan pizzeria ‘gigi’ (IG:@gigipizzeria) as well as ‘FlyingPigCoffee’ (IG: @flyingpigcoffee) a blend of coffee created specifically for plant based milk. Jessica is mama to Erika, a 4 year old “proud little vegan”!

Visit Jessica on Instagram at @lovelivesinherkitchen

How has motherhood influenced your view of veganism as well as decision to be vegan?

Jessica: Becoming a mother made me truly realise how sacred the bond between a mother and her child is. After twenty years of being vegetarian, I realised cows are forcibly impregnated and then, with much distress, their calves are taken away from them (and killed if a boy), so that humans can drink milk which was never meant for them. At that point I made the decision to go vegan

How did your community of friends & family react when you became vegan?

Jessica: My community of friends and family, including my husband, were very supportive when I became vegan. They know I don’t make decisions on a whim and understood that I had very good reasons for going vegan. Since my Mum and I went vegan four years ago, many of my family members and friends have looked into how beneficial the vegan lifestyle is, not only for the animals, but for our own health and for the environment and have made the switch too.

Annika: How has your pediatrician responded about your and your children’s vegan lifestyle?

Jessica: My pediatrician has had a positive response about our vegan lifestyle. She can see that we’re both thriving, so she wouldn’t have any reason to be negative.

Annika: Is your children’s school vegan friendly? Do they serve vegan snacks or meals or do you send food with them?

Jessica: Erika will start pre-school next year. The school has vegan options, however I am always sure to pack vegan food wherever we go, just in case!

Annika: What are your favorite vegan restaurants in your city?

Jessica: My favourite vegan restaurant in Sydney is my brother’s pizzeria in Newtown, ‘gigi’!! In late 2015, a few months after my brother went vegan himself, he made the decision to remove all animal products from the menu. The food is amazing! Some of my other favourite vegan eateries in Sydney are – Bodhi Restaurant and Bar, Sadhana Kitchen, Zeitgeist Mylk Bar, Green Lion Roar, Soul Burger, Gelato Blue and Bliss and Chips…I also love Go-Go Vego pasta at Marrickville Markets on Sundays… The list could go on really!

Annika: Favorite vegan restaurants elsewhere?

Jessica: The Beet Vegan Restaurant in Byron Bay and La Capra Campa in Rome… I know there are many other wonderful vegan eateries in Italy, but that was the only one we managed to get to in the short time we were there… We had a wonderful experience.

Annika: How has it been to experience the growth of interest in veganism in Sydney and Australia in general in recent years?

Jessica: It has been wonderful. We have information and support at our fingertips and cruelty-free options at our door step, which is helping the vegan community in Sydney to grow rapidly.

Annika: What are your children’s favorite meals?

Jessica: Lenticchie e Scarola, pizza, arancini, lasange, avocado on toast with sea-salt, lime and chia seeds, smoothie bowls.

Annika: Your favorite meals to cook for your family?

Jessica: Lenticchie e Scarola, mushroom risotto, spaghetti primavera, zucchini frittters served with salad.

All photos by Mama Jessica!

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