Prinsesstårta at Kao’s, Malmö

Prinsesstårta at Kao’s, Malmö

The delectable & creamy Prinsesstårta is a mainstay of my childhood summer travel memories.  By at least the 2nd day of our June or July visits to southern Sweden I’d have had my first piece of this royally famous Swedish classic.

I grew up enjoying a range of Swedish ingredients and dishes, sweet and savory.  To return last month, moving to Sweden with my husband and son, now as a vegan meant, I knew, learning to simply forego much of what I used to enjoy.

But every now and then a true culinary treasure is exposed. When I first walked into Kao’s, I couldn’t quite contain myself.  In fact, I seated myself right next to the bar where you order your meals and rambled excitedly to the cashier about how delighted I was to be experiencing their restaurant for the first time and also WOW- vegan Prinsesstårta!!!!

I must have made an impression because every time I went back (and it was quite a bit that month we stayed in Malmö) that particular employee grinned when he saw me and came to say hello. My only regret is not going more often and exploring even more of their menu.  I did try a number of their savory dishes and will post on those as well.  To Kao’s I will certainly return whenever I am in Malmö.

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