Veg in the City: Mamme vegane a New York- Vegan Italy Magazine

Veg in the City: Mamme vegane a New York- Vegan Italy Magazine

“Veg in the City”

Mamme vegane a New York

Interviews & photos with 5 NYC based vegan mamas

January 2017

Vegan Italy magazine

What impresses me about all the mothers I interviewed, met with and photographed for this feature was not only how passionate they are about their roles as mothers, but how effectively they have also incorporated their vegan ethics into the various work and projects they are all involved in. These women embody the beautiful attributes of motherhood- nurturing, observant and involved. They also all embody attributes of influencers- writing books, producing documentaries, creating food services, running charities and more -all in efforts of advocacy and helping to educate the public and those around them on the benefits and importance of a vegan lifestyle.



Michelle Carrera

Read interview with Michelle in English here


Leinana Two Moons

Read interview with Leinana in English here

mammeny-3_leinana-2 mammeny-8-felicia

Felicia Greenfield

Read interview in English with Felicia here


Victoria Moran

Read interview in English with Victoria here


Marisa Miller Wolfson

Read interview in English with Marisa here


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