Editor’s Lifestyle, Sandra Weber

Editor’s Lifestyle, Sandra Weber

Photo: Andrea Monica Hug
Sandra Weber, Photo: Andrea Monica Hug

Editor of Zurich based Vlowers magazine, Sandra.  Our first interview was all about Vlowers, so I was looking forward to this interview and the opportunity to get to know more about Sandra, her location and lifestyle!

Annika: What are some of your favorite aspects about Zurich?

Sandra: It’s quite an openminded city and in Swiss terms also a big one (the biggest in the country). The Lake of Zurich and the river Limmat, are here but most importantly, most of my friends live in and around Zurich. Quite a good range of vegan offers.

Annika: In addition to being a magazine editor, do you have other jobs or creative roles?

Sandra: Yes, for 3 years I have been running a vegan pop up breakfast café once a week, starting from 2017 I do this only once a month. Also I work as a freelance writer for several magazines, mostly PR related work, and I also do copywriting work. Very soon, I will also publish my E-Book about how to change to a vegan lifestyle. The E-Book is very personally written. I packed all my experiences from the last 4 years and a lot of practical everyday advice in it, so it should really help and support people making the change.

Annika: Were you always attracted to magazines, the world or print and publications?

Sandra: I always liked reading and looking at magazines, so my answer is clearly yes. I like the way magazines can transport information, inspiration and emotion by the combination of words and images.

Annika: What are you reading right now?

Sandra: Actually I am not reading any special magazine at the moment, but started reading the Harry Potter series for the I guess 3rd time. What is interesting here: It’s the first time I read these stories as a vegan, and I am shocked about the amounts of of meat the children at Hogwarts School eat. I didn’t pay attention to this fact, when I read the series about 10 years ago. But still like the books though.

Annika: Favorite magazines?

Sandra: I like the German vegan Magazine “Noveaux”, a fair fashion Magazin, very stylish, yet very informative and entertaining. But I also like to read magazines about Yoga, society or consciousness.

Annika: Do you have any favorite restaurants in Zurich? In Switzerland? Anywhere else in Europe?

Sandra: One of my favorite restaurants in Zurich is the vegan Restaurant “Elle’n’Belle”, also I like the cute little café “Miyuko” with lots of vegan options, especially delicious sweets. In Berlin, I like “Chaostheorie”, a vegan cocktail bar, in Hamburg I like “Café Miller” with its good variety of vegan option such as breakfast and sweets.

Annika: Favorite destinations for vegan food?

Sandra: Until now: Berlin.

Annika: Favorite cities to travel to in general or places you are looking forward to visiting in coming years

Sandra: Again Berlin, it’s not only a vegan dream city, but also very interesting for its history. Also I would like to get to know Northern European countries like Sweden or Denmark. I know these countries mainly from thrillers I read, but would like to explore their landscape, capitals and of course, vegan offers.

Annika: If you were going to spend a month or so traveling Europe to gather content specifically for a few “European” focused Vlowersissues where would you go, who would you look to collaborate with, what sort of stories would you be looking to create and tell?

Sandra: I very much like Berlin and it’s huge vegan scene. It would be cool to maybe do something with the people from the magazine Noveaux or with one of the vegan restaurant keeper, e.g. a Sunday brunch swiss style in their locations. For other European cities, Vienna is on top of my list, I have never been there, but from what I hear, it has to be not only beautiful, but also very attractive for vegans.

Annika: What if you had the same project but worldwide- traveling for a couple months to create a few very global themed issues of Vlowers. What cities would you focus on, what collaborators would you meet up with and what types of stories would you want to bring to the pages of Vlowers

Sandra: What an exciting idea! I am very interested in the vegan scenes of San Francisco and New York. As for the collaborators: in San Francisco I would like to get to know Colleen Patrick Coudreau from the “Food for thought” podcast and interview her about her work. In New York I would be glad to do the same with Victoria Moran from “Main Street Vegan”.

Annika: As photographer I always prefer to photograph the people I interview when possible. If I were to spend a morning or afternoon with you, capturing you doing things you love and very integral to your life what would some of the scenes be?

Sandra: You would catch me doing Yoga, reading or riding my bike.


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