Morning Coffee & Dairy Thoughts

Morning Coffee & Dairy Thoughts

I was breastfeeding when I began learning more about the dairy industry. I have to confess, I spent about 37 years of my life eating cheeses, creams, butter, ice cream & other products made from animal milk without really thinking about the fact that a mother’s milk was essential for those products. Basic practices for using animal milk for products for humans, from small farms to factory farms, rely on separating newborn calves from their mothers- sometimes permanently with absolutely no maternal nurturing or marked for slaughter. Cows are loving & devoted mothers. The dairy industry relies on systematic abuse of not only mother cows but also their young as well as an absolute assault on the mother-calf bond. As soon as I realized all this (why did it take so long?) I quit it all without looking back. Once you start doing the research, there’s many plant based alternatives for all those products too. I don’t want, or more importantly need, the mother’s milk of a calf.




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