Editor’s Lifestyle: Mattias Kristiansson

Editor’s Lifestyle: Mattias Kristiansson

A moment with Mattias Kristiansson, Editor in Chief of Stockholm based Matmagasinet Vego

Annika: Have you lived in any other cities besides Stockholm?

Mattias: Just Malmö, where I grew up.

Annika: Where in Scandinavia do you most enjoy traveling to and why?

Mattias: Copenhagen. It’s an exiting city with lots of great food and nice bars. It’s a very beautiful city with fun and different architecture, a little decadent in some way and fun.

Annika: If you had a month to travel Europe and research, collaborate with people and produce stories for Vego, where would you go and what would you cover?

Mattias: Probably Berlin because they have so much to offer, both restaurants, shops, fashion and markets. Or Prague, which is a bit of  an underdog with a lot of surprisingly good places to eat.

Annika: You’re the editor of a premier vegan magazine in Sweden that focuses on food and culinary life. Were you always into food before becoming vegan as well?

Mattias: Yeah, kind of. I’ve always been interested in food and started to write about food (mostly baking) for magazines a couple of years before I started the magazine. But I couldn’t even imagine that I one day would start a magazine.

Annika: How did becoming vegan change your relationship and perception to food? 

Mattias: It was like a whole new world opened. New dishes, ingredients, spices, techniques. Things I didn’t think of before, like kale, become an obsession. Foods started to taste more in some way and the thought that food could be good, not only for me, but for the environment, other people and animals were a new thing for me.

Annika: Where are your favorite places to eat in the city?  In other cities?  

Mattias: In Stockholm it’s: Farang, Bistro Bananas, Minh Mat and Feca. In Gothenburg it’s: Black Bird and Jinx Foodtruck. In Malmö it’s: Scandwich, Scaniabar and Raw Food House. In the world it’s: Crossroads and Gracias Madre (Los Angeles), Cinnamon Snail, by Chloe and Candle 79 (New York).

Annika: Top 3 cities in the world on your radar for vegan exploration?

Mattias: New York, Berlin, Los Angeles

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