What do vegans drink?

What do vegans drink?

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What do vegans drink?

First off, this question was with regards to alcoholic drinks so read on if you’re curious!

Last night we had over a couple of new friends.  It was a delightful evening that began with one of them walking in handing me a bottle of wine and a beautiful bunch of flowers.  As I opened the bag of wine, she explained that she had been wondering what vegans drink and started reading up on it and called a local store and inquired about vegan wines.  A couple tears sprang to my eyes as she said this (I’m emotional ok!) and I reached over to bear hug her.  I was so moved that not only did she consider this, often overlooked aspect of consumption for vegans, but that she also took the time to research it and find a bottle of specifically labelled vegan wine- from a fantastic winery at that.

I remember the moment when, a couple years ago, I was just sitting on the couch and wondered “Is wine vegan?”  At first I thought it was a silly question but I’m glad I didn’t dismiss it and started looking into it.  A lot of wine is unintentionally vegan but there are many that are not.  Traditional procedures for wine production often utilize animal derived products (such as egg whites, casein, isinglass, blood and bone marrow and more) in the fining process.  These products are often not found in the final product themselves or if they are, are so minute as to be negligible.  But as a matter of principle, many vegans are not interested in consuming alcohol whose production depended on animal derived products.  And why would you when there are a wealth of options produced without them!

Barnivore is the go to reference site for checking if your alcohol is vegan. It’s an excellent site- check it out and have fun just browsing around.

Last night’s beautiful bottle brought by a beautiful guest was The Vegan Vine‘s 2013 Chardonnay. Highly recommended!!!

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