Shells N’ Cheese Sampler

Shells N’ Cheese Sampler

I used to consume animal derived cheeses a lot before, but really don’t miss it now.It’s bizarre to me how we humans “rely” on other animal mothers so much for their milk to create this endless supply of dairy products. It’s also very sad, considering that those mothers often never even have the chance to feed their own young. I’m so done with animal dairy. In my talks and interviews with vegans, cheese regularly comes up as one of the hardest things to give up (it’s addictive for many). There are great plant based cheeses on the market. Is cheese really worth destroying the mother-child bond of so many creatures? No, it’s not.

Earlier this week my husband prepared a “Shells n Cheese” sampler with two types of vegan cheeses. I do like to try out different recipes experimenting with the vegan cheeses that are on the market and seeing what we like to use best for when we do create a dish using a plant based cheese. My husband is a mac n’ cheese person so was himself eager to experiment with these cheeses as well.


Chopping the cheese



I didn’t take down the recipe my husband was creating on the spot but I know that he also added coconut cream to this mix of shells, vegan cheese and salt & pepper to taste


Shells & Cheese sampler (above and below) using Field Roast Grain Meat’s Chao Coconut Herb Cheese



Shells & Cheese sampler (above and below) using Follow your Heart Smoked Gouda and Pepperjack


I enjoyed all the samplers but if I had to choose may have favored the Follow your Heart Pepperjack while my husband favored the Chao Coconut Herb. This was definitely a fun dish to experience- great for a family dinner or in little taster bowls at a gathering or party!

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