Crispy Creamy French Toast Bites

Crispy Creamy French Toast Bites

This was my first time making this and I consider this recipe to be a single serving (or good for nibbling on with another person). Just double, triple or quadruple the recipe depending on how many folks you’re serving! These are really scrumptious!


~1 cup Coconut Cream

~3 slices Sourdough Bread

Vegan butter for frying

~3 tablespoons Maple Syrup

~Sprinkles of Cinnamon

Optional: Pecans or other nuts for topping before serving


Slice the bread into cubes

Place bread cubes in a bowl with all of coconut cream and mix gently, coating the cubes

Let soak for ~5 minutes

Prepare pan over medium heat

Drop butter into pan for frying

Add in bread cubes

Let fry over medium heat

As the bread cubes begin to turn golden, spread maple syrup and cinnamon over the cubes

Flip the cubes every so often, ensuring a thorough fry

*Here’s where my husband’s and my technique differ. If you’re like him and really good at making French Toast in a pan, you don’t need the next step.  I like my French toast with a distinctive golden crispy layer and have not yet, to date, achieved it with a pan fry, so I add the cubes to a baking pan, sprinkle crushed pecans on top and place  in oven at ~350° F for 7-10 minutes.

The results are deliciously divine crispy French Toast cubes with a lush creamy flavor too!  We didn’t add anything to these- just plate up & serve!


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