Household Cleaning

Household Cleaning

I took a little bit of extra time in the household cleaning aisle while at the grocery store today and as I checked out various bottles and brands was truly impressed by how many were specifically noted as “plant based” or “plant derived” and also had the leaping bunny symbol on them. Brands like Ecos Dishmate, Better Life, Meyers Clean Day, Ecover and Eco Olea- just to name a few.

I was at a Whole Foods which I suspect may carry more varieties of these types of brands than some other chain grocery stores, but I know from experience at other chains (and definitely smaller health food grocers) one can find household cleaning products not tested on animals.

I know there are multiple other, very important things to consider when buying household products and as time goes by I will delve into a bit more research in this area. I’ll admit that we still have some toxic, non animal friendly cleaners in our household cleaning section. I think part of transitioning everyone in the house to using more eco-friendly, plant-based brands and materials that you (and your partner or housemates) might not have been used to is simply proving the importance of the transition and that the products are effective.

For example, based on my experimenting and bringing home different dish soap brands, my husband now has one that he favors and I’m relieved to no longer see certain dish soap brands at our sink and the same thing with general all purpose cleaners.  A lot of the shopping decisions come down to simple habit and convenience so I try to do the research that I know others might not and turn them onto great alternatives.

I also very excited and curious about DIY household cleaning solutions but simply haven’t begun experimenting with that yet. Vegan Cuts has a great article about it which I will reference, along with other sources, when I get busy with that.

I’m really thrilled that it seems this area of the market is just growing as companies themselves search for more ethical ways to produce these everyday household items and consumers also continue to show that they are in demand.


Always look for the Leaping Bunny Logo


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