Chia Seed Pudding at Quintessence

Chia Seed Pudding at Quintessence

Quintessence NYC – the birthplace of Chia Seed Pudding!

A little over a year ago I visited Quintessence in NYC.  I was excited to have a moment at this established East Village vegan cafe,  meet co-founder Mun and have the opportunity to take a few photos. I asked for Mun’s recommendation on what I should try and she did not hesitate to suggest their Chia Seed Pudding, a substantial Omega rich dish with an interesting backstory you can read at Quintessence’s page here.

My time was running thin and I needed to catch a train to head back home but I was able to taste the Pudding right there at the relaxing window seat and my mind perked right up. The rest of the bowl was packed up and I headed off with my toddler to Penn Station to catch an Amtrak train back home.

It was not until we were comfortably situated in the train and about 45 minutes into the trip that I was able to open the to-go bag- so easily 2  1/2 hours after the Pudding had originally been plated.  The dish was still totally in tact and felt like a sweet light boost. I wouldn’t recommend carrying around Chia Seed Pudding to save for later but in that moment it was my only choice and I was really impressed by the integrity of the dish!

Hope to visit Quintessence again to explore more of their menu!



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