Veggie Soup & Open Faced Sandwiches

Veggie Soup & Open Faced Sandwiches

Late afternoon last Friday I was at the grocery store as my son napped in his stroller.  I was walking up and down aisles snapping photos for a blog post my husband suggested I do on tips for vegan cooking (I decided to begin first with some tips on shopping as a vegan). After finishing up with the photos I went to check out with a few items and as I was walking out the store thought to text my husband to see if he needed anything.  “Yes,” he responded, “get some root veggies you would like.  I’m doing Friday Feast.”

My husband often cooks so it was no surprise that he was thinking about what to make but I was touched because I hadn’t planned on cooking anything special that day.  I love Friday Feast but for whatever reason was just going to snack through that day so I got really excited that not only was he planning a meal but that he had also connected it with the Friday Feast tradition that I recently initiated.

So I grabbed some carrots, potatoes, a fennel bulb, some celery and a bunch of parsley, checked out again, got our son (waking up by this point) in his carseat and headed home.

My husband’s Friday feast creation was absolutely delicious- the perfect Autumn evening meal!

He’s already talking about his next soup creation- Mike’s tortilla soup coming up soon!


The roux


He made these open faced sandwiches to accompany the soup.  Slices of sourdough bread, a tofu spread on some and a chickpea salad spread on others, heated up with slices of Chao Coconut Herb with Black Pepper and Creamy Original Cheese and topped off with a sprig of Parsley before serving!

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