How do you address B12?

How do you address B12?

Ask Annika! 

How do you address B12?

This is probably the shortest response to an Ask Annika question that I will ever write.

How do I address B12?  Supplements!

I like what this piece lays out in terms of general nutrition and specifically B12.  I regularly consume a number of foods fortified with B12 (particularly nutritional yeast and various plant based milks, all staples in my diet) but I am not going to risk deficiency and so do take B12 supplements. The one in these photos happen to be the latest one I purchased. I always try to make sure it is a vegan supplement.

As a mama who breastfed her son for over 2 1/2 years, I paid particular attention to this aspect as well.  In my Interview series with Vegan Parents, food and nutrition is one key aspect I explore so I can help share stories of how parents around the world (particularly mothers in pregnancy and breastfeeding phases) are ensuring a healthy vegan diet for themselves as well as vegan children.

I know this is probably a common and obvious answer, but that’s it!  I’ve been taking B12 supplements since shortly after going vegan and would always recommend it.

Thank You for the question!

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