Ask Annika!

Ask Annika!

Curious about veganism? Have a question about some aspect of vegan viewpoints, lifestyle or questions about plant based cooking?

I am establishing an “Ask Annika” section on my blog as a space to welcome questions on to transitioning to vegan lifestyle and plant based cooking! Not only am I chatty and love the exchange, but I also love chewing on thoughtful questions to engage in an dialogue about many issues connected to veganism.

I don’t approach this as an expert- because I am not.  I am also still a relatively new vegan (approximately two years now)!  But in these past two years I have learned a tremendous amount- about dining out as a vegan, about nutrition, cooking, animal testing for products we use on a regular basis, alternatives to the seeming ubiquitous reliance on animal skins for shoes and bags and the related emergence of a passionate ethical and vegan fashion scene.  There’s so much more and I am constantly expanding my own knowledge base.

I greatly value putting people’s questions about veganism and plant based eating on the table and exploring them, doing essential research and networking for answers, approaching the topics from different angles (recalling that I wasn’t always a passionate ethical vegan) and hopefully also providing food for thought.

So please feel free to contact me with your questions and thoughts!

Thank You in advance. Looking forward to this!




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