Chickpea Spread

Chickpea Spread

With plans in the mix to make Aquafaba whipped cream soon I thought about what to do with the can of garbanzo beans I would drain.  I made a great big batch of hummus last week from home soaked beans and forgot to drain the juice, hence needing to open a whole new can today.  I also had beans still leftover from that hummus making sessions so was also tinkering around in my mind with what to make with all those chickpeas.

I have to admit, I haven’t been fully on board with what seems to be a chickpea craze lately.  I’ve tried or seen on menus many a “mock tuna” salad or veggie patty with garbanzo beans in it’s base. I’ve tried some I liked and several I haven’t.  I know what a whopping nutritional bounty these beans offer but beyond our house staple hummus and straight up mixing whole beans into a bowl of rice, I had found many chickpea salads and patties too bean-starchy for me and just hadn’t tried many chickpea dishes I really liked.

Enter today’s experiment. I wanted to give the chickpea sandwich spread a shot.  I figured if I tweaked the ingredients around in my own bowl, in my own kitchen maybe I’d come upon a dish I really liked and could be devoting future garbanzo beans use to.

First, I did do some poking around online.  I love looking at recipes but am usually too impatient and also don’t always have all the ingredients for that precise dish in the kitchen so I improvise (hence why I tend to cook more than I bake as baking is not as forgiving with casual improvisation). I was really inspired by Sweet Potato Soul’s Vegan Chickpea Tuna Salad so if you’re looking for a well crafted and specific recipe that one’s golden.

For my Chickpea Spread today I used equivalent of two cans of garbanzo beans and mashed them up to a desired consistency.  I added vegan mayo (my favorite is Just Mayo– all sorts of grocery stores carry this brand) to desired creaminess and then mixed in some sea salt, cayenne pepper, a few spoonfuls of relish, stone ground mustard and one diced onion.

I tasted it and was sold.  It is very reminiscent of tuna salad (without the fishy flavor) which, back in the day, I definitely used to love- on sandwiches, melts or just dipping into with crackers. I was excited to share the dish with my husband so piled several spoonfuls on top of The Engine 2 Diet’s Organic Original Crispbread and sprinkled with a bit of turmeric. He bit in and was impressed as well.  We’ll definitely be making this again, perhaps with even a spicier kick next time.



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