Adventure Sandwiches: The Classic

Adventure Sandwiches: The Classic

Last Friday we went on a day trip to Block Island (one of my favorite New England day trips to date).  The ferry left at 10:05 am meaning we had to leave our home by about 8:45 am to get to the New London ferry station in time to park, get our tickets and board.  My aunt and uncle were in town, visiting from Sweden and the night before was a comfortably delicious time of food, dialogue and wine.  So my plan to make the sandwiches for the day trip before going to sleep were set aside. I had the ingredients sliced and set up though and luckily my husband is enthusiastic and skilled in the kitchen. So early Friday morning as I got myself and our son ready, he set the pot of coffee and made these delicious sandwiches with slices of baked tofu, lettuce, onion, tomatoes, Chao cheese original slices and Hampton Creek Just Mayo.  Mmmmm.

I wanted to have these sandwiches because, while I love Block Island, I have not thus far not found the menus to have explicitly vegan meals. Maybe on future trips I’ll contact one in advance to see what they can whip up (one restaurant I have been eyeing has a wonderful vegetable garden).

We sat at two establishments on this trip and I enjoyed french fries at both. So did everyone else too actually. They were really good fries.  But with these sandwiches I wanted to be prepared.  Indeed, I enjoyed one for breakfast on the ferry and devoured the other three on the ferry en route back later that day. Along with the juice boxes and bags of chips my husband packed it made for the perfect packed lunch for a day of adventure.

I think I’ll  dub this sandwich “The Classic”.




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