Love is Mighty “Naina” Wooden Mule

Love is Mighty “Naina” Wooden Mule

My birthday in late August this year was low key. For the day I ventured into NYC with my son & enjoyed an active day (though sometimes frenetic- toddler travel tales) & relaxing night there.  When we returned home the next day, my husband had a few surprises for me.  Low key, but quality & gorgeous gifts including two locally designed bracelets (one for my left arm with a stone reminiscent of the ocean & one for my right arm with our son’s birthstone), a delicious bottle of Chardonnay & a Houdini wine bottle opener (I tend to destroy openers but I think this will be a formidable tool in our household).    I love gifts & it was actually nice to, instead of a mountain of varied presents, have a few thoughtfully chosen ones to open & enjoy. Truth be told, we celebrated my birthday through the month & the dress section of my wardrobe has some lovely additions from our August trips.

Also waiting for me when I got home were these Naina Wooden Mules by Love is Mighty that I had ordered earlier in the month. I have big feet (size 11 / EU 42) & I am tall (5’11). Shoes I really like that come in my size can be difficult to find. I like to be comfortable & while I like heels I don’t tend to wear them frequently.  But when I saw these while researching vegan friendly footwear I feel in shoe love. The wooden heel, the fact that no two are alike, the company ethos- yes, yes, yes.  I look forward to rocking these with a pair of jeans & a cozy top or a long, pretty dress.





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