Article series on intersection of veganism & Buddhism

Article series on intersection of veganism & Buddhism

In August 2016 I began research for an article series on the intersection of veganism and Buddhism in North America today- in Sanghas, at retreats, various centers and in individual lives.This article series focuses on the relationship of Buddhist philosophy and practice to vegan lifestyle as experienced by those in the North American Buddhist community.

The plot thickens as I recall commitments I made and vows I took at Namgyal Monastery Institute of Buddhist Studies in 2005 while living in Ithaca and, at the time, researching Tibetan Buddhist architecture in the USA. Even with my little point and shoot at the time, I had so much alertness to explore various centers interiors and exteriors. I return to these spaces in my mind now and also, importantly, to the teaching and practices shared in them.



Photo taken in main room at Namgyal, Ithaca (2005)

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