Sriracha Tofu & Sweet Chili Peanut Broccoli

Sriracha Tofu & Sweet Chili Peanut Broccoli

Since going vegan I have never been wistful for the food I used to eat or annoyed with what I cannot eat now (I probably will always be a bit frustrated with how much dairy is used in all sorts of food though- often seemingly pointlessly or when a simple plant based alternative would have done the job just fine).

However, there are certain “traditions” or food moments I miss. Pizza nights aren’t a big deal as there are a decent variety of vegan pizzas on the market and we currently live near a pizza joint with great vegan options (as I hope we always will, even when we change location).

But “Chinese takeout night” has proved a bit elusive to replace. I am sure I will come across a great vegan friendly Chinese restaurant one day but in the meantime I figured it was time to start experimenting in our kitchen, creating the flavors myself, which is what I did for last weekend’s Friday Feast with a couple of dishes. All that is missing are those familiar (and for some reason comforting) white take out boxes with red script and drawings. I’ll find them one day and after a few Friday Feast’s experimenting with different dishes, perhaps have a “vegan Chinese takeout” party, replete with delicious spicy morsels, fortune cookies and chopsticks.




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