Karma Road

Karma Road


Our first stop on a recent visit to New Paltz to explore the area’s vegan eats and treats was Karma Road, a delicious 100% vegan cafe right on bright and busy Main Street.  I fielded a few questions to Jenn & Seth, the owners of Karma Road, for an article I am writing on our visit. Loved our visit & know I’d definitely be a regular if I lived in the area!

Annika: When did Karma Road open and was it vegan from the beginning?

Jenn & Seth: Karma Road opened on February 22, 2007.  We’d moved up just weeks earlier with two babies, no job and absolutely no friends or family here. Our fare was always vegan, except for milk we kept on hand for die hard coffee drinkers who “needed” their milk in coffee.   We stopped that a while ago and are 100% vegan-delicious.

Annika: Are there any signature dishes at Karma Road (or ones that are especially beloved by clientele)?

 Jenn & Seth: We’re known for our Curries, our Sweet Potato Biscuits, our 3-Grain Pizza (G.F.), our muffins and our real-fruit smoothies. We cover several niches as there are people who come JUST for sandwiches or JUST for fresh made juices or JUST for gluten-free options. The common thread is that everything is delicious and the common ingredient is love.

Annika: What inspired you both to establish Karma Road in New Paltz?

Jenn & Seth: We were first going to establish ourselves in Woodstock.  Three different attempts were cut short by either a fiendish landlord or an uncooperative building department.  We reluctantly looked at an ice cream parlor for sale in New Paltz.  After checking out the area, its heavy yoga and outdoor sports oriented population, proximity to the thruway and to New York City tourism, we realized we could fill a need.  Once we found out how highly regarded the community is among families with young children, we knew we could make a go here.  We’re very glad we did.  The community has been incredibly welcoming to our business and to our family.  It’s a powerfully beautiful place with charm, warmth and creative edginess.

Photos on the tables are of rescue animals at nearby Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

Flexibowl with 3 Deli Options: Veggie Slaw, Roasted Brussel Sprouts & 3-Grain Pizza


Baked Tofu Sandwich with Walnut Pesto, Roasted Red Peppers & Lettuce


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