Friday Feast: Crispy Tofu Bites

Friday Feast: Crispy Tofu Bites

I always enjoy making food that will satisfy fellow vegan friends. As a kitchen activist I also quietly thrill at the prospect of consistently impressing and wooing my meat eating family members, friends & acquaintances with plant based meals & spreads that even they’re surprised they like so much, returning for seconds & curiosity about the ingredients.

One of my favorite concepts for a feast is an evening of unwinding dialogue and drinks with a series of small, thoughtfully prepared bites. Hors d’oeuvres . Tapas, Pupus. Appetizers. As a fan of Tofu, I am often thinking up various ways to make it as well as perfect upon methods I have been using for years.  These crispy bites represent, to me, Tofu in a delicious, indulgent form with alternating textures of crispy on the outside & chewy on the inside that can satisfy a particular hankering for that “meaty” taste & texture.

I marinated the Tofu lightly in Braggs Amino Acids & a light dusting of Nutritional Yeast, as I am an avid consumer of both products. I wouldn’t hesitate to try a number of other marinades for these though. Many of my first Friday Feasts this year will be about playing with ingredients and testing concepts out. This one was solid. Interestingly, while I liked the taste of the Pearl Couscous on top of the Tofu, I thought as part of an appetizer feast it could be messy as the Couscous easily toppled off (and from the beginning of preparing these I was partial to the Potato topped Tofu Bites).  But my husband favored the Couscous topped ones far more, so I determined a balanced spread would include those two and probably more toppings. Always good to have taste testers around!


Crispy Tofu Bite with Cocktail Tomato & Peppery Pearl Couscous mixed with Cherry Tomatoes


Crispy Tofu Bite with Whipped Potatoes & Spinach with Parsley


Other toppings included Shishito Peppers

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