Pizza J, Providence

Pizza J, Providence

Visiting Pizza J in early June 2016 on an exploration of vegan eats in Providence was a fantastic highlight of my trip.  Not only is the vegan pie one of the best I’ve had (for pizza in general) but the Seitan wings were also unique and to return for.  On top of food to write home about, the folks working there were so friendly and sociable I knew if we lived in Providence we’d be satisfied regulars at this joint.

Pizza J’s vegan pies are topped with a housemade cashew based cheese.  I photographed (and ate) mine with 1/2 spinach and marinated mushrooms topping + 1/2 scallion and roma tomato topping.  I was also encouraged to try the Seitan wings in Curry Peanut Cilantro Sauce.  I love Seitan and have tried in many ways but this one was new to me-. I would definitely order it again as well as in any other sauces on offer.  Thanks for the fantastic food and time Pizza J!

I wrote an article based on my vegan food experiences on this trip that was published in the Providence Journal in early July 2016.

View the article here: A tasting tour of Providence’s vegan food scene








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