1st Friday Feast: Tacos

1st Friday Feast: Tacos


Above: Taco with BBQ tofu filling, red leaf lettuce & homemade salsa on a warmed corn tortilla

Friday Feast is a concept that has been on my mind for years. When you hear me describe it you may think, well that sounds just like a family dinner.  It is, but it is also something more for me.

Friday has for long been an evening that, for me, was best spent at home.  It was not a night to dip into revelry or goings on about town (Saturdays or Thursdays were those nights for me), but to spend relaxing with some interesting films or creative projects at home. I believe in energy of days (and that they do not affect us all the same), and something about Friday night required and encouraged me towards a quieter, reflective as well as collective home space.

Now that I am a mother, there isn’t even any rumination about nights on the town.  I just don’t have them and have not, to date, missed them one bit.  As my son grows older I look forward to being able to go to interesting evening events with both my husband and son (maybe even sometimes alone and the boys can hold down the fort!).

What I look forward to more than that though is bringing him on in the kitchen to help prepare meals, to plan dinner parties with me and actually play a role in exploring the ingredients needed and grocery store adventures together.  My husband and I are already food lovers (you just may find us watching the Food Network on a Friday night), so to make it a family affair is the next step.

The idea of Friday Feast is dedicating this one night- each and every week- to a thoughtfully planned and crafted meal.  It wouldn’t be the only night we do such of course, but on Friday it would be a ritual, a tradition we wear into the years. The concept of feast as a collective event, dishes planned with many hands and hearts in mind, is at the core.

I decided it was time to kick off this tradition and did so on July 22, 2016 here at our current home in Connecticut with a feast of tacos.  Tacos are one of my all time favorite dishes to prepare.  I love the communal aspect of laying out many dishes with all sorts of toppings for people to fill their tortilla or taco shells with.  On this evening I kept it pretty simple with two main fillings- BBQ taco and a garlic sauteed Tempeh.  A lot of love was put in the salsa (I absolutely love tomatoes) and the tacos were a hit.

I look forward to many Friday Feasts to come and to share about the experiences and dishes here.


Above: Taco with sauteed Tempeh  in minced garlic, olive oil, parsley & sea salt with homemade salsa & red leaf lettuce on a warmed corn tortilla

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