Vegan Mama Taylor, USA

Vegan Mama Taylor, USA




Mama Taylor with Daughter, Husband & 2 Brother in Laws- all vegan!!!

Photo provided by Taylor

Texas born vegan mama Taylor currently lives in Colorado in a household full of vegan family members including a healthy and vibrant vegan daughter!  A home schooling stay at home mom, Taylor is also a freelance writer and plant based nutrition and fitness coach.Her IG @mrsveggiemom shares many adorable photos,  discussion of her own health and of course plant based food and she recently started a blog at!

Annika: When did you become vegan & why?

Taylor: My family and I became vegans in March 2015. My husband has many chronic health conditions and I suffer from some inflammatory issues as well. I had been doing research for many months desperately searching for anything that would help him. We had very little knowledge on what veganism even was, but as soon as I dove into the research it took less than two weeks for us to turn completely vegan and we have not looked back! It did not fix everything, but it has significantly helped many of the issues we were dealing with at the time. It fixed all of his autoimmune digestion related problems, helped me improve my circulation and endometriosis, and fixed the digestion issues our daughter was having.

Annika: Were you vegan through pregnancy?

Taylor: No, but if we decide to have another child I will definitely without a doubt stay vegan.

Annika: Did motherhood have any influence on your vegan outlook?

Taylor: Yes. As soon as I found out how the meat and dairy industries work my motherly heart ached. I knew I would never hurt another mother again.

Annika: What are some of your daughter’s favorite foods?

Taylor: She loves beans and bananas! Other favorites include fruit smoothies, waffles, fresh fruit, broccoli, kale and pastas.

Annika: What are some of your favorite foods?

Taylor: My favorite foods….hard to pick, I love almost all food! I make a lot of green smoothies, stir fry’s, and love baked potatoes topped with black beans and avocado.

Annika: Favorite meals to make for your family?

Taylor: Spaghetti (made from brown rice pasta), with tomato basil sauce, Beyond Meat ground beef, and vegetables.

Annika: Any specific challenges you face as a vegan mother & how you handle them:

Taylor: Not really a challenge, but an annoyance, when people make comments inferring it is not healthy. I have no problem easily explaining that they are not properly educated on the matter and encourage them to do their own research.

Annika: Your household includes yourself, your daughter, husband and two brother in laws- and you are all vegan! What’s the story behind that? Did you all go vegan at the same time?

Taylor: Yes that is our household! And yes, we all went vegan at the same time, in March 2015.  We all changed completely to a vegan diet and never looked back.  We did it because my husband has been struggling with severe complicated health issues for the past three years, and we are still searching for answers to many of them.  I had researched the health benefits that come with an organic plant based diet, and we decided as a family to implement it immediately.  Not only to support my husband, but for a long term change to help us all and to help the planet.

Annika: Would you consider the area you live in pretty vegan friendly?

Taylor: Yes and no.  I would say Colorado compared to many other states is at the forefront for being vegan friendly, we have many options in Denver and it seems to be a large growing movement here, which we are very thankful for.  However, I of course envision a world where vegan is the norm not the minority, and will continue doing what we can to help spread knowledge of its many benefits.

Annika: You recently started a blog? What motivated you to establish it and what will it’s central themes be?

Taylor: Yes I finally did launch my blog.  I have a degree in English, a love for writing, and a passion for truth.  I have many dreams for my blog, but the goal is to share what our family has gone through in hopes to inspire others.  Also, I want to bring information to light that will hopefully push people to do their own research in pursuit of self knowledge and enlightenment.  Some themes will be: homeschooling/unschooling, motherhood, our plant based life, attachment/gentle parenting, natural cures/healing, our failed health care system, humanism, geo-engineering, spirituality, consciousness, and more.

Thank You Taylor!

Visit Taylor on IG at @mrsveggiemom


Mama Taylor with Husband Arturo & Daughter Mackenzie

Photo provided by Taylor

This interview is part of an ongoing interview series by Annika Lundkvist with vegan mothers and fathers around the globe.  For more interviews and information please visit this page: Interview Series: Vegan Pregnancy, Parenting & Kids.


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