Veggie Fun, Providence

Veggie Fun, Providence

On a visit to Providence in early June 2016 I devoted about two days to exploring some of the city’s vegan eats.  As an all vegan Asian restaurant, Veggie Fun was a must visit for me.  Opened in 2011, this establishment was originally not completely vegan, but made that change in 2015. This was a lovely lunch and an absolute pleasure to browse a diverse menu of Asian dishes all offered vegan.

I wrote an article based on my vegan food experiences on this trip that was published in the Providence Journal in early July 2016.

View the article here: A tasting tour of Providence’s vegan food scene


Roll Sampler

Spring Roll: Crispy rolls filled with cabbage, mushroom, carrot & celery

Summer Roll: Vietnamese style raw roll with shredded cucumber, carrot, lettuce, rice noodles, red pepper, basil leaves & cilantro with hoisin sauce

Autumn Rolls (these were my favorite): Shredded vegetables, enoki mushrooms, bamboo shoots wrapped in delicate soy bean sheets, deep fried and served with spicy sauce


Age Tofu: Japanese style deep fried bean curd with tempura sauce


Pad Thai: Traditional thai noodels in a light, spicy and sweet sauce, stir fried with firm tofu, scallions, bean sprouts and topped with crushed peanuts




Look who was sleeping in my arms the whole time!

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