Janet, New York, September 2017 Vegan Italy Magazine
Nina, Stockholm, August 2017, Vegan Italy Magazine

Lynn, Glasgow, Scotland July 2017, Vegan Italy Magazine
Louise, Helsingborg, Sweden June 2017 Vegan Italy Magazine
Jessica, Sydney, Australia Vegan Italy Magazine- April 2017
Carmen, Hamburg, Germany (Vegan Italy magazine)
Leinana, NYC, USA (Vegan Italy magazine)
Marisa, NYC, USA (Vegan Italy Magazine)
Michele, NYC, USA (Vegan Italy magazine)
Victoria, NYC, USA (Vegan Italy magazine)
Felicia, NYC, USA (Vegan Italy magazine)
Chrissy & Kahseim, Connecticut, USA (Vegan Health & Fitness magazine)
Sanita, Linköping, Sweden (Vegan Italy Magazine)
My Intro to Vegan Parents Series (Vegan Health & Fitness magazine)
Leinana NYC, USA (Vegan Health & Fitness magazine)


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Maritza Oliver, Photo by Carson Au
Maritza, Vancouver, BC Canada


Momo, Beppu City, Japan


Ady, Ghana           


Ruby Los Angeles, California USA


Jean East Sussex, England


Photo provided by Lateefah
Lateefah, Georgia & California, USA


Andrea North Shore, Hawai’i USA
20160711_lauren test3941
Lauren, Zurich, Switzerland


Jessica, Sydney, Australia


Dori, Malibu, USA


Saij, Rev. Jachong Charama having a little fun!
Saij, Knoxville, Tennessee USA


Julie Baltimore, Maryland USA


Taylor Denver, Colorado USA


Laura, Cleveland USA


Elodie, Southern France

Kat, Dallas, Texas USA 

Sharna Melbourne, Australia 

Rain, Waukegan, Illinois USA

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About the Interview Series

In Spring of 2016 I began this interview series, communicating with vegan parents across the globe. My initial focus has been on mothers, but will expand to fathers and a family focus as well.

In this series I  talk with people who recently transitioned (or are transitioning) to veganism as well as with long time vegans.  I communicate with vegan mothers whose partner and children are vegans and with mothers whose kids are vegans but partners are not. I communicate with mothers who, like me, do not live in an entirely vegan household but do their best through kitchen activism and their own forms of advocacy to have a positive influence on their family.  

This series is also very much for the vegan curious as well as the family and friends of those I interview who perhaps are supportive but don’t fully understand.  These interviews are meant to be a peek into the lives of these individuals around the world, why they choose to live their lives this way and very basic everyday things like the foods they and their children like to eat!

Some of the themes this series covers include:

•Transitioning to veganism

Vegan Pregnancy- nutrition, communicating with medical providers

Living in a vegan household

Living in a multivore household

Different approaches & experiences to taking children to parties & other group settings

Relationship between motherhood, views of other animals & vegan outlook

Food favorites

Many people have a number of excuses of why not to go vegan and having a family who is not transitioning with them is sometimes a key one. I always like sharing the different ways our household has been changing over time since I went vegan and value hearing similar stories of other women, providing encouragement to those on the fence that you can be a lone vegan in a household and have a continuous and positive effect on family members.  Of course, I also greatly value communicating with vegan families all across the planet and having the opportunity to learn about their backgrounds and plant based households. 

My view of veganism is as an issue of justice, but also a philosophy and way of living. Younger generations are growing up with more exposure to veganism than any generation we’ve known. More women are choosing to be plant based through their pregnancies and more vegan parents are navigating the issues that can arise with raising their children in what are commonly still very non vegan societies in terms of mainstream practices, consumption and beliefs.

Showing support to passionate and responsible vegan parents is, for me,  an issue that is fundamental to the vegan movement. Showing that being vegan through pregnancy and from birth as well as through other phases of life is not only possible but also beneficial- for humans, other species and the environment at large is an important key.  This is a body of research that we hopefully will see tremendous growth in (currently there are a handful of books out on vegan pregnancy and women’s health) and for the movement to continue to grow and be even more successful, legitimizing vegansim as a healthy and beneficial lifestyle through pregnancy and for all ages is  essential. 

 This series is a project dear to my heart, allowing me to connect with and interview other vegan mothers of many cultures and regions, sharing aspects of their stories here.  One of my goals is always changing hearts and minds and my understanding of how to do so is constantly developing and largely enriched by their stories and experiences too.





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