Q & A with BLAUFUX

Q & A with BLAUFUX

Q & A with Amina Abdulkadir

Editor in Chief at BLAUFUX



“BLAUFUX is a culture magazine informing, on the one hand, people who know nothing or little about veganism, about what it means, what it stands for and what they can learn of it and offering and on the other hand, health guidelines, humour and art…”


 Amina Abdulkadir

Editor in Chief of BLAUFUX, writer and spoken word artist


Photo Credit: Sébastien Koch

Founded in late 2013 and first released on November 1st, 2015 (World Vegan day and the 4th anniversary of the Vegan Society Switzerland), BLAUFUX is currently based in Basel and spread out throughout the cities of Switzerland such as Bern and Zurich. BLAUFUX was founded to inform the public about veganism as well as being a complimentary magazine for members of the Vegan Society of Switzerland. BLAUFUX is published in German and a new issue is released every three months.

By whom was BLAUFUX founded?

Members of the Vegan Society Switzerland presented the idea of a magazine for the members to the the managing board of the Vegan Society Switzerland. The managing board of the Vegan Society Switzerland then searched for people able and willing to create such a magazine. In the progress of doing so, it became clear that a magazine not only for the members, but for the public would be more in line with the goals of the Vegan Society Switzerland.

Where was BLAUFUX founded?

The majority of the project’s members live in Basel or Zurich and we switch the locations of our meetings. We do not yet have a bureau. The bureau of the Vegan Society of Switzerland is located in Winterthur.

What themes does BLAUFUX cover? 

BLAUFUX is a culture magazine informing, on the one hand, people who know nothing or little about veganism, about what it means, what it stands for and what they can learn of it and offering and on the other hand, health guidelines, humour and art that have or have not anything to do with veganism. Because after all, vegans are people too, which means they simply enjoy a culture magazine with no cruelty involved.

How has the reception to BLAUFUX been in Switzerland?

The reception has been very good. People acknowledge the art and culture, the scientific approach in the health review and the open-mindedness of what is and what is not veganism.

What are some of the challenges of running and sustaining a publication on veganism and related themes?

As we limit the amount of advertising in our magazine, the main challenge is to decide which firms can put an ad in BLAUFUX and which cannot, because there are firms that would like to advertise in BLAUFUX that also have non-vegan products. On the other hand, vegan firms are not that common in Switzerland, so we have a limited market there.

BLAUFUX is print publication solely correct, or is there also a digital component? What was the motivation in establishing it as a print magazine?

BLAUFUX is a print publication but we do share specific content on our website. We established it as a print magazine to be able to give it to interested people on the street, at potlucks, gatherings and so forth.

Does BLAUFUX utilize social media for any specific reasons? If so, what social media platforms are preferred and why?

We use Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about what we’re currently doing and post specific content of the magazine that we share on our website. Still, it is a print magazine, so we’re not digitally active that much.

Would you say veganism is popular in Switzerland, or growing in popularity? Do most vegans there choose that lifestyle for ethical, environmental or health reasons (or a mix)?

Veganism is definitely popular in Switzerland and still growing in popularity. It seems that Switzerland will soon reach the peak, where the decision falls if veganism will become normal or stay a niche. Vegans in Switzerland have all sorts of reasons for their lifestyle. There is a stable group of vegans that chose that lifestyle in regards to ethical reasons some or many years ago already. Newly vegans mostly have a mix of different reasons for their choice. Environmental reasons are always part of the choice but only few times the main reason for a vegan lifestyle in Switzerland.

Is the Vegan Society of Switzerland founded with concerns of ethical veganism (or also a mix of health and environmental)?

The positive effects of a vegan lifestyle are empirically proven but often ignored and disregarded. However, vegans score on many levels: with respect to animal-friendliness, ecological sustainability as well as regarding various fair trade issues. Additionally, a well planned vegan diet is very healthy. These are the starting points of the work of the Vegan Society Switzerland. In regards to why the Vegan Society Switzerland was founded it is quite the opposite: the managing board and founders are mostly vegan due to ethical reasons and stand firmly on that point. But as a society that reacts to what the public wants and needs to know, other aspects have to be addressed and pushed. Health and environmental aspects are most of the time at the surface and the first thing people want to know more about, ethical reasons only follow later.

When was the Vegan Society of Switzerland founded & what are its activities?

The aim of the Vegan Society Switzerland is to promote veganism in Switzerland. The society was founded in 2011. The Vegan Society Switzerland is an official partner for those leading a vegan lifestyle and interested in veganism. Our website offers information about the basics of veganism as well as practical tips for the everyday vegan life. Periodically, it organizes and supports gatherings such as vegan putlocks, cooking classes and workshops. We aim at bringing vegans and people interested in veganism together and supporting all those interested in living an ethical life.


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Questions & post by Annika Lundkvist

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